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Alone in the Wild

Visions of Light The film covers the art of cinematography since the conception of cinema at the turn of the 20th century. Many filmmakers and cinematographers present their views and discuss why the art of cinematography is important within the craft of filmmaking.

Alone in the wilderness
"Alone in the Wilderness" is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness. Dick filmed his adventures in 1968 so he could show his relatives in the lower 48 states what life was like in Alaska, building his cabin, hunting for food and exploring the area.

Bruno Mars: Production Techniques

Echt en Vals in de Geest van Heyboer

The Best Films Ever Made

Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag Before Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy. And nearly 100 years after he first appeared onscreen, we’re still learning from him.

The Magic of Making Sound In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe, even sounds. When you watch a film that immerses you completely in its world, you’re probably hearing the work of sound artists; Foley artists.