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The Confessions of Robert Crumb (1987)

Maarten Toonder - Beeldverhaal

Dino De Laurentiis - the Last Movie Mogul

The Force

Pomplamoose covers 'Beat It'

The Bear & The Hare

The Making Of:
The final works:
accompanied by a beautiful version of Keane's 'Somewhere only we know'

One day in the life of a ricefarmer

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Kurt Vonnegut

Chekhov's gun

Kim Jung Gi drawing...

Sign Painters

There was a time, as recently as the 1980s, when storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were all hand-lettered with brush and paint. But, like many skilled trades, the sign industry has been overrun by the techno-fueled promise of quicker and cheaper.
This the official trailer for SIGN PAINTERS a documentary by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon.

Pixars 22 rules of storytelling

Alan Watts - If Money Was No Object

necessary or nice to have?

Disney princess values

How Pixar fosters creativity

The golden circle

the polyphonic spree
The Polyphonic Spree is a choralsymphonicpoprock band from Dallas, Texas that was formed in 2000 by Tim DeLaughter. With 23 members, it's one of the biggest popbands in the world.

Wanna start your day with a big smile?
Listen to this song.

The greatest city on earth.

The centrifuge brain project
If you like amusement parcs, this you have to see

Business Lessons from Casablanca